But, I Love Him

Is love enough to overcome abuse? It’s true, he hurts me. He’s controlling, and it’s starting to really get me down. I should just leave. But, I love him. If you’ve ever had that conversation with yourself, you’ve probably wondered how it’s possible to love someone...

Caught in the Middle

What to do when your abuser tries to turn your children against you Abuse is multifaceted. An abuser will use whatever tactics he or she can to hurt you physically, emotionally, psychologically, sexually. Sometimes what hurts the most is a form of emotional and...

Calling a Hotline When There Are Barriers In Your Way

In Part-3 of our series, we talk about how to reach out to a domestic violence hotline when circumstances make you feel like you can't. September 11, 2017 By domesticshelters.org Picking up the phone to confide in a complete stranger about abuse you’re enduring can be...

This Is What Abuse Looks Like

Spotting the signs, red flags and warning signals of abuse could save your life Sometimes the hardest part about getting help when you’re with an abuser is recognizing that you’re with one to begin with. “Many survivors don’t realize they’re in an abusive situation....
Confronting Sexual Assault

Confronting Sexual Assault

What is Sexual Assault? Sexual assault is a violent crime in which the assailant uses sex to inflict violence and humiliation on the victim or to exert power and control over the victim. In the United States, an estimated 1,871 woman are forcibly raped daily, equating...

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How to End Your Victim Mindset

How to End Your Victim Mindset

An important step to healing your psyche after escaping domestic violence July 07, 2017   By domesticshelters.org The physical wounds of domestic violence often heal well before the emotional ones are even fully understood. Even after months, years or decades, a...

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