Know what to do in case of Sexual Assault

Applies to Forensic Exams completed after July 27,2009

Victims Compensation Services

N. C. Department of Crime Control & Public Safety

Rape is a felony offense in North Carolina.

  • Reporting the crime to law enforcement is the first step in the apprehension and conviction of the assailant.
  • Rapists are frequently repeat offenders.
  • If you choose not to report the incident, the attacker is likely to hurt someone else.
  • telling the police what happened to you does not mean you have to prosecute.
  • You can tell them everything you remember about the attacker and nothing  about yourself.
  • If you choose to prosecute, the authorities will pursue the crime to the fullest extent of the law. 

What To Do in Case of Rape

Rape or sexual assault can happen to anyone, anytime, anyplace. what if it happens to you? while every victim reacts in a different way, the immediate reactions are usually anger, disbelief, anxiety, and fear. No matter what your reaction, you will need to do several things:

  • Try to remember as much as possible about the attacker and what took place.
  • The sooner you get to an emergency room or a community based sexual assault forensic medical examiner, the better for obtaining evidence.
  • Do not change clothes, bathe, or douche.
  • Take a change of clothes to he hospital or to he forensic medical examiner program ( the clothes that you were wearing at the time of the attack will become part of the collected evidence.)

You do not have to face this situation alone. Call a family member, a friend, your clergyman or volunteer from a local rape crisis center. These can offer support ans assistance.

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Why is Seeking Medical Care Important?

  • Both physical and psychological reasons.
  • Evidence collected will help substantiate your situation.


Victims to Be Provided Free Forensic Medical Examinations

It is federal law and state policy to arrange for victims to obtain forensic medical examinations free of charge. Whenever a forensic medical examination is conducted as a result of a sexual assault or an attempted sexual assault that occurred in North Carolina, the Rape Victims Assistance Program shall pay for the cost of the examination. A medical facility or medical professional that perfomrs a forensic medical exmination on the victim of a sexual assault or attempted sexual assault shall not seek payment for the examination except from the program.

Compensation Paid Through the Rape Victim Assistance Program

Medical facilities and medical professionals who perfomr forensic medical examinations shall do so using a Sexual Assault Evidence Collection Kit. Payments by the program for the forensic medical examination shall be limited to the following:

Service:                                                                                               Maximum Amount Paid:

Physican/SANE nurse                                                                                $350

Hosptial/Facility Fee                                                                                  $250

Other Expenses Deemed Eligible by the Program                                     $200

How Providers Can Assist

  • Establish an agreement with your local law enforcement or sheriff’s office on the transfer of evidence.
  • Submit bill ( provide itemized statement)
  • Ensure timely filing.
  • Obtain the name of law enforcement agency where report was completed if the victim chooses to report.

No Billing of the Victim

A medical facility or medical professional that performs a forensic medical dexamination shall accept payment made under this section as payment in full for the amount owed for the cost of the examination and other eligible expenses and shall not bill the victims, their personal insurance, Medicaid, Medicare, or any other collateral source for the examination.

Furthermore, a medical facility or medical prefessional shall not seek reimbursement from the program after one year from the date of the examination.

Additional Victim Notification Requirements

A medical facility or medical professional that performs a forsenic medical examination shall encourage victims to submit an application for reimbursement of medical expenses beyond the forensic examination to the Victims Compensation Commission.


Legal Aid of N.C.Inc.


Legal Aid NC

North Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence



North Carolina Coalition Against Sexual Assault



NC Statewide Automated Victim Assistance and Notification (NC SAVAN)

1-877-NCSAVAN (1-877-627-2826)


North Carolina Victim Assistance Network



Inquiries regarding any services may be directed to:

Rape Victim Assistance Program Victims Compensation Services 4703 Mail Service Center Raleigh, NC 27699-4703



919-715-4209 Fax

Hyde County Hotline

24/7 Crisis Line 252-542-2500

Office hours 8:30-4:30  252-542-2502